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Baby chicks under a home-made brooder

Our first offering was Success With Baby Chicks. Robert Plamondon wrote this book after realizing that people like you are having heartbreaking failures with baby chicks; problems we learned how to deal with by trial and error and extensive reading. Like us, you can have success every time! The book has received warm praise from farmers who tell us that it has made a big difference with their chick rearing and many favorable reviews on

Our most popular book is Fresh-Air Poultry Houses by Dr. Prince T. Woods. Keep your chickens healthy year-round! This book is the bible of the open-front poultry movement, an idea so old it's new again. Most chicken coops are inadequately ventilated, making them dark, dank and smelly. Chickens, like miners' canaries, are tough in most ways, but have weak lungs. They can take a lot of cold, but get sick if the air quality is poor! This 1924 book is a great classic, well worth reading.

We have also reissued three classic poultry books: The Dollar Hen, Genetics of the Fowl, and Feeding Poultry. It is impossible to praise these books too highly. The Dollar Hen had more influence on us than any other poultry book. It set us on the path to successful and profitable free-range egg farming. Genetics of the Fowl taught us a great deal about poultry breeding -- enough that we are often mistaken for experts. Feeding Poultry is the best book we've found on practical poultry nutrition -- accessible enough to be read by the practical farmer, but detailed enough to be used by professionals.

All these books recognize the value of folks with small operations; they were written before factory-farming took hold.

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