About Us

Norton Creek Press is a small publishing house in Blodgett Oregon. We (Robert Plamondon and Karen Black) started Norton Creek Press because most of the books we wanted to recommend to people were out of print. This was frustrating! Also, after trying it both ways, Robert prefers self-publishing the books he writes himself, rather than finding a conventional publisher.

We started with poultry books and added some back-to-the-land titles, which go nicely together, but the rest of the catalog is more eclectic. No matter! We publish what we thing ought to be published, and let the categories take care of themselves.

Our books are available at Amazon.com and other online resellers, and you can order them at your favorite bookstore. (As a small publisher, our books are unlikely to be on the shelf at a brick-and-mortar bookstore, but you never know.)

Resellers can get our books from Ingram or directly from us. We offer a 40% reseller discount on cash orders with a $100 minimum purchase.

Contact Us

Robert Plamondon
Norton Creek Press
36475 Norton Creek Road
Blodgett, OR 97326