How to Order

Order From Me

I’ve listed some of my books on eBay and Amazon. Some are new, some are used. The eBay books are usually a little cheaper.

Ordering From Your Local Bookstore

Few stores keep our books in stock, but they will be happy to order a copy for you.

Ordering from Online Bookstores

Online bookstores like should be able to ship you a copy of any of our books within a day or two. We’ve provided some links to our books at some of the more popular online bookstores:

All my books except Jack & the Magic Software: A Future Fairy Tale are available in paperback. A growing number, marked with “*”, are available for the Kindle as well.

Kindle editions. If you haven’t tried Kindle books yet, you might give it a try. You can read Kindle books on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop. You don’t have to buy  a Kindle e-Reader. And if you buy the paperback edition of one of my books, you can buy the Kindle version for a nominal fee. I prefer paper books to e-books, but buying both doesn’t cost much more than buying just the paperback, and then the book will always be with you.

Titles marked with “*” are available for Kindle.

Amazon Prime. By the way, I did the calculations, and Amazon Prime is a big money-saver for me: I added up all the money I spent on shipping before I joined Amazon Prime, and it was well over the subscription rate. The other features (free two-day shipping, free movie streaming, free audio streaming, etc.) also have value.

Titles marked with “*” are available for Kindle.

Titles marked with “*” are available for Kindle.

Google Play Books

Some of our titles are available on Google Play Books in PDF format. These read well on larger devices such as tablets and laptops.

For Booksellers

Our books can be ordered via Ingram.