We Wanted a Farm

A Back-to-the-Land Adventure by the Author of “Five Acres and Independence”

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by M. G. Kains

Norton Creek Press. Revised Edition, October 2008, 172 pages, Suggested retail price, $17.95 (Kindle $4.97). ISBN 0972177094.

Best known for his classic small-farm handbook, Five Acres and Independence, M. G. Kains contributed a second gem to back-to-the-land literature: his true-life adventures in We Wanted a Farm.

Kains shows how he and his family moved from New York City apartments to a full-fledged farm in easy stages: first to a rented suburban house where they grew a large vegetable garden, then in a purchased suburban house where they concentrated on fruits and berries, and finally on a full-blown farm where they went into fruits and berries in a big way. Kains’ “Don’t quit your day job” approach allowed them to gain experience without betting the farm–not until they were ready.

First published in 1941, Norton Creek Press is proud to bring this charming book back into print.

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