Plotto Instruction Book

Master the Plotto System in Seven Lessons

Plotto Instruction Booklet by William Wallace Cook. Norton Creek Press
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by William Wallace Cook
Norton Creek Press. April, 2016. 58 pages.  ISBN 1938099044.
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The Plotto plot suggestion system has a largely undeserved reputation for being hard to use, because the instructions in the book itself are confusing. But we have a fix for that!

Plotto’s author, William Wallace Cook, developed a short course in using Plotto, and wrote this Plotto Instruction Booklet as its text. Once you work through the seven short lessons in this short, 58-page booklet, you have mastered the Plotto system and can confidently and efficiently use it to help create plots, subplots, and situations for your short stories, novels, and scripts.

This essential Plotto Instruction Booklet is is compatible with all editions of Plotto:

Fans of Plotto should also read Cook’s book about his writing career, The Fiction Factory, also published by Norton Creek Press.