Poultry Production

The Practice and Science of Chickens

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by Leslie E. Card

414 pages.198 illustrations. Suggested retail price, $34.95. ISBN 1938099028.

Scientifically based books for raising modest numbers of chickens became as rare as hen’s teeth. There are plenty of rule-of-thumb books for backyarders and massive tomes for poultry scientists, but little in the way of sound, reliable works for serious poultrykeepers. Fortunately, we can find what we need by turning back the clock a bit.

This book, the 9th edition of Poultry Production, is just what we need. It’s from 1961: new enough that all the basic scientific principles had been discovered, but old enough that small- and medium-sized flocks have not been forgotten. Leslie Card’s application of carefully tested methods to practical poultrykeeping problems allows you  to move forward with your own flock.

Poultry Production is lavishly illustrated, with 55 tables and nearly 200 photographs, drawing, charts, and graphs to clarify the details of every aspect of keeping chickens successfully. (For example, a graph showing how a concrete floor affects the air temperature at floor level, warming it by more than 5 °F in cold weather and cooling it by more than 15 °F in hot weather). This kind of detail means there’s a place for Poultry Production on every chicken owner’s shelf.


Table of Contents

A Personal Note to Students.
1. The Poultry Industry.
2. The Structure of the Chicken and the Formation of the Egg.
3. Principles of Poultry Breeding.
4. Selection and Improvement.
5. Incubation.
6. Brooding and Rearing.
7. Houses and Equipment.
8. The Principles of Poultry Nutrition.
9. The Feeds.
10. The Nutrient Requirements of Poultry.
11. Controlling Disease and Parasites.
12. Marketing Eggs.
13. Marketing Poultry.
14. The Business of Poultry Keeping.

Leslie-E-Card-Poultry-Production-Norton-Creek-Press-300pxAbout Leslie E. Card.

Leslie E. Card (1883-1968) was Professor of Animal Science at the University of Illinois, Urbana.

A Norton Creek Classic

This book is part of the Norton Creek Classics series; books from our
past with an important part to play in our future.


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